Thursday, 20 March 2014

Exhibition Spotlight: Georgians Revealed

By Dr Natasha Ruiz-Gómez

A short summary of my favourite exhibition so far in 2014.

Georgians Revealed: Life, Style and the Making of Modern Britain
British Library
Until March 11 2014

"Tasteful and polite, or riotous and pleasure-obsessed? Discover the Georgians as they really were, through the objects that tell the stories of their lives."
1. What is your favourite exhibition that you have been to so far this year?
Georgians Revealed at the British Library.

2.Who did you go with?
I went to the exhibition alone.

3. What was your favourite of art, or artist, from the exhibition?
The heeled clogs that protected the delicate shoes worn by posh ladies, so that they wouldn't get soiled on the dirty streets of England!

4. Using one word or phrase, how would you describe the exhibition?

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